I engrave by keeping as much as possible the original line of the drawing

carried out directly on the plate with a pen, calamus or brush.

The print often has, therefore, the appearance of an ink or a wash.

The inking and printing processes for color engravings

sometimes make them look like paintings or monotypes.

The drawing itself, black and white, grays and colors,

depend on my state of mind and what I have in front of me

at the precise moment of their appearance on the plate or the paper.

These engravings are not made to symbolize anything, do not include a message,

are not intended to make people think or reflect, but rather to serve as a support for reverie.

Which in life is said to be just as necessary.

They are not illustrations of ideas, nor of stories, nor of comments on the world. If they said something it would be rather: Look. Watch for a long time, don't rush to think about it, just watch. Much like listening to music intently, the flow of thoughts slows down and hearing takes precedence over all other considerations.